Will Grayson ×2 

Okay that’s just me trying to be funny XD. The book I’m talking about is Will Grayson Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan. 
Okay,so the last two books I reviewed have been so emotionally draining (but completely amazing) , so I feel you deserve a lil bit of a happy ending. 

Two brilliant writers John Green and David Levithan have come together to give us this,gift of a book. Both of them write beautifully and give us two completely different stories intertwining with each other. 

The basic gist of the book: There are two guys, named Will Grayson both living their own separate lives. One Will Grayson ( friends with Tiny Cooper) lives by two simple rules:1) Don’t care too much, 2) Shut up. Once he gets rid of those rules, he is a very interesting character. We also get a really cute couple out of this❤ The second Will Grayson is one of the darkest characters I’ve read. It is a brilliant view of an unusual mind. the fact that he doesn’t use any caps in this is part of the book, is amazing. He has a hard life and the one thing he thinks he has turns out to be a massive prank. Heartbroken about this, he runs into the ‘other will grayson’ who is there for a concert he couldn’t get into. This intertwines the two stories. Tiny Cooper and Will Grayson( the other one) fall in love. ( Okay I’m sure I’ve confused you about which Will Grayson is which Will Grayson…I guess you’ll just have to read to figure it out) 

This book gives us, the beautiful character of Tiny Cooper. His introduction goes like : ” Tiny Cooper is not the world’s gayest person, and he is not the world’s largest person,but I believe he may be the world’s largest person who is really,really gay, and also the world’s gayest person who is really,really large.” 
Having said this, I am absolutely sure you are going to have a great time getting to know these characters. As always with John Green he makes us fall in love with his characters and David Levithan You’re not too far behind! If you have ever read a book by either of them you will easily figure out who’s written which character.  

Also if you like this one, Go check out: Hold Me Closer: The Tiny Cooper story

Rating: I give this book 2/2 Will Graysons ( didya see what I did there😉) 


All The Bright Places

“The world breakers everyone, and afterward,many are strong at the broken places”~Ernest Hemingway 
Soo if you’ve liked Playlist for the Dead, this is like upgrading the pain. Like it hurts. So,so much. Like really. Hurt. Like trying not be clichéd here but it’s like Jennifer Niven  put a smoldering hot rod into my heart and just like pulled it out. Writers must have a drawer full of dehydrated hearts. Okay that’s just gruesome.

Okay so the book. It’s the story of a girl who learns to live from a boy who wants to die. It is one of the most brilliant representations of a depressed , suicidal mind. The two characters Violet and Finch, meet in the most unlikely fashion. While trying to jump off a ledge in their school. They both save each other. First literally and then metaphorically. As the book moves along, you put your hopes in the two characters. Despite being known as the “freak” Finch is a capturing character and personally I was mesmerised in only a few pages. 

The book is no sunshine and ponies. And I’m sorry if that disappoints you. But it is as real as a book can be. And their pain is as real as it can be. You see the characters grow close. You grow close to them as well. And just when you expect it the least, everything shatters. 

I won’t tell you anymore. If you like to get your heart broken into millions of tiny pieces ( I know I do) give it a try! 

Rating: It is My Favourite Book Of The Month. So I guess that says it all. 
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Playlist For The Dead

This beautifully heartbreaking book was written by Michelle Falkoff. 
Okay so here’s what you need to keep beside you while reading this book : A box of tissues. 

Pretty mainstream really, you gotta do this for almost all the books I’m gonna review. Tissue companies and book publishers should do a deal or something. Great business. 

So here’s a brief of this book.

Sam goes to his best friend(Hayden’s) house to apologise for the last night. What he finds instead is his best friend. Dead. And a playlist. Throughout the course of the book you ( along with Sam) figure out what caused Hayden to kill himself. There’s a point in the book…where I was kind of scared ( come on I was reading it at 3 am) 

But basically Sam and Hayden are the kind of guys who don’t have too many friends. They have each other. There will also be a point in the book ( that’s if you think anything like me) when you feel feel really really sad for Sam. Coz eventually he’s the one still here, you know. And it must have been incredibly sad for Hayden. But, grief is for the living.

Also I shouldn’t tell you this but, Damn in Astrid! We all trusted you! #shebrokehisheart#thenshebrokeours

If you wanna know what that means…Go check it outtt! ! 

Rating: Would totally stay up till 3 am reading it. 

Reviewing Life

Okayyy Guyssss! Thinking of doing something new…

Okay so it seems I’ve been reading a little bit too much lately..and at least something good should come out of it right? So I’m going to start reviewing things! 

It’ll be all sorts of stuff really….Books….Movies…TV shows….Songs….And for my fellow Indians…even restaurants and colleges..

Don’t worry😉 I’ll make sure to make it interesting! So yayyy! I’m gonna be starting like today!  So tune it to Radio 160.7 ( that’s my bikes number yo😂) 


Sleep Diaries

It’s quite a wonder I’ve not written about sleep before. Sleep is, has always been and will always be my favourite thing to do. I can sleep( and do sleep ) at any given time of the day. My family just gets really annoyed when I do so. They just like manage to be so loud and irritating. I mean someone is trying to sleep out here. Can you just? Like please. Shut up. 

And then they say I’m too ” arrogant” or something. But it’s just really simple. What reaction do you expect from someone who only wants to sleep. But that’s just a whole different topic.

Coming back to sleep. It’s just like the most amazing concept ever. You get into bed and settle down to have the best time of your life. Which….is basically a coma? I don’t know I’ve never gotten a hang of this concept.  I mean it’s a pretty everyday concept. You wake up. You spend your day on stuff that doesn’t matter. You sleep. Then you wake up. But it’s always just really confused me. Like I’ve tried remembering the exact moment I fell asleep. I never can. One second I’m trying to sleep. The other I’m waking up to my alarm. 

John Green once wrote,  ” I fell in love the way you fall asleep, slowly, then all at once” 

And that got me thinking( not about love, about sleep.)Like Wow John Green. I really admire and applaud to you. That’s a fantastic way to put it.( On after side note, isn’t it just really amazing when you are reading something..and there it is..that one feeling you could never put into words, or that one thing which hadn’t even occurred to you. Like woah! You’ll are an inspiration) 

Then I came across, Inside Out. That magnificent, magnificent movie. It baffles me how creative these people are. And so  after watching it, I decided whatever sleep is. It comes when your ” train of thought”( they showed an actual train. Just wow.) is retiring for the night. And that’s the second you sleep. The second your train stops. 

And everytime I’ve tried thinking about this at night, I’ve stayed awake till 4 in the morning. I come to a conclusion. Our  brain , is just so mindblowing ( see what I did there )  I’m always doing to be surprised by its ways.

But whatever sleep is, it it’s amazing and also loads of advantages. Currently it’s saving a lot of my pocket money.

So,  All this sleep talk is getting me sleepy.I think I’m going to sleep. You should too. God knows,  we need as much as we can get. 




It is funny isn’t it. Before you know a person. A photo is just a photo. It is just something you scroll by on some social networking site. Then when you meet that person or become friends with that person,  you see that photo in a different way. And then you get to know the person. And with every little thing you get to know about them, you percieve the photo in a different way. Like you no longer see it as a photo. Now you see the imperfections and the flaws. You see the scar below their eye and remember them telling you, so enthusiastically, the tale of their dog jumping at them exitedly the first day they got him home. You see their photo smile and remember their actual smile. The smile you’d do anything to keep on their face. You see them more than just the total of their parts. There is something more now. Just a bit more. Then somehow, someday,  you may not be that close to them anymore. And you lose this,  beautiful,  beautiful feeling,  of knowing them. You still see the same things,  but you also see it fading. You see them fading. And now, again,  it is just a photo. You start forgetting the way they raise their eyebrows and the way their mouth curls as they laugh. And that is so sad a thing, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I think that is what hurts me the most , when I lose contact with a person. Seeing their photo, and seeing just an empty face. Just another person,  with their own life. Not the person who’s life intersected yours.

But then again,  I guess,  not everyone thinks so much about a single photograph. Maybe,  it is just me,  overthinking