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Hello guys. I know I’ve been asking you people to like and go through a lot of what I am doing. But the thing is I want to share everything happening with my life and I’m trying to let go of all my fear of rejection  and go out there. And I’ve been working on this story and thus idea for quite a while. And I’m finally going to start uploading it.

I have started a story on Wattpad. It is a Young Adult book based in India. It is called The Sim-ilar Archives Of The Double Ganger.  It is about two doppelgangers who run into each other in the mall. And from that time onwards their lives change considerably.

I have a lot of plans for it. And I cannot do it without your support. I won’t be able to write an entire book without anybody to read it.

Thank you so much for this. Please spread it around as much as you can. Please get anybody and everybody who might be interested to read it.

Thank You! Have a great day/night


The Typist

Readers Of The Free World.

I come to you with an offer.

A service.

My gift to mankind.

More often than you would like to admit, you feel like you are sitting amidst a word vacuum. And in times like this all you want is for someone to pull the vacuum machine off the plug and reinvigorate your brain. So here I am, with my crazy skills to pull out those words from every crevice in your brain.

The ” Products” I offer.

1) Researchinator ( Thank You, Doofenshmirtz)

How tiring is it to go on your computer and go through Infinity( also referred to as Google at times) to pick out the perfect piece of information you need. Especially since you have so many interesting memes to tag people in. So sit back in your chair and leave the boring research up to me. And I promise, I will not let you down, homie.

In Depth Research- 4 Days- 500 Rupees- 7.75 Dollars

Brief- I Day- 5 Pages- 3 Dollars

Express Treatment- 1/2 Day- 6 Dollars

2) The Brain Wave

Having a bit of a creative slump? Want to come up with a mind blowing idea or a crazy one liner? Guess who has your back? The self proclaimed “Queen Of The Quirky” is in town. Let me relieve you of your slump. Any sort of consultation or idea generating that you want. I’m here.

1 Dollar a month- 5 Brain Waves

3) The Customizer

Are you looking at your laptop wondering how to string together a perfect invitation for your dog’s 21st ( in dog years) birthday party? Or are you wondering how to write yourself a perfect description  for your YouTube vlog? Well approach me and we’ll look into it. Almost anything you can ever think of, I’ll try to help you. And I’ll make sure I do my very best.

1 Dollar for ever 1000 words

So what are you waiting for? I know you’re interested. I know you want some of this crazy Typist magix.  So comment down here or email me on my address- ( don’t laugh, it is a 4th Grade Disaster.)


Vlogger Buddy

Guys!!! This one is a quick short one!!! One of my reallllyyy good friends has started her own vlog channel and so far its greatt! She posts one daily and it has been only 3 days but she’s doing great. We all know how it is when we are trying something new out but there is nobody there to cheer us on. If it weren’t for you guys I’d have been disheartened about writing ages back. Everybody needs someone to tell them that what they are doing is great. And I would really really appreciate it if you’ll keep checking out her work. Come on guyss!! Let’s fight for some views. Let’s give her all the views she needs!!
Here is the link to her channel! Please like, subscribe and comment!!!!

P.S- Check out her vlogs everyday!

Why I’ve been gone

Heyy Guys! It’s been so long since I posted. I know I know I’m sorry. But I have a valid reason. And in a few minutes you will have like 7 new blog posts of mine to read. Okay so while I was gone a lot of things happened. For one, my phone got stole. I know. Tragic. I lost all hope in everything for a while. But recently I have connected my laptop to all my sites and here comes the part where I tell you why I have been busy. I have been writing. Haahaa I’m giving an excuse for not writing by saying that I was writing. But jokes apart, I have taken up a content writing internship with a travel company and guys, its been good! Have been writing a lot of interesting stuff and to those of you’ll interested in my writing ( all 2 of you) please do give my work a read. Your opinions on my work mean a lot to me and I would love to know what you feel about it.
The link:
To Indians – Please go there and register. It would mean a lot to me and the company. It is a startup created by a few students. It is a travel based company and honestly you would be stunned at the quality of their site. It is reliable and I have personally experiences their trips. It may not be too popular at the moment, but honestly I see it becoming really big.
To everyone outside India- India is a diverse country with almost as much culture as many people. But you already know that. Go to this site and through my work, you will see the insiders view of the company. This site will give you the most unusual packages and the most unique of all experiences in India. I guarantee you this as I have reviewed and recommended this to all my family members as well. Do not worry or hesitate about it’s quality. We will not let you down.

So I would invite you all to please do me a big favor and please visit the site. It would be a big honor if you did. This is the first productive thing I have ever done. And I would love for you to see it!
Thank You! Have a great day!

The link:

Test of Crazy

Hey guys! Sooo! This time I’m going to do something different that usual! 

How many of you’ll think you’ll are creative? Ah! I bet you all are!

But so I have two different things in store for you’ll today!!! 


The Forgotten Organs Ft. Feet

So this one is for my new sudden resolution. I’m going to try and create something new every day! I hope I keep this resolution! As a part of this, I invite all of you to take up this project too! A one month project. Creativity is the thing that wakes your brain up with a shock. Art is something that one must try, whether or not they are good. So who wants to take this up? Who wants to wake up? If yess! COMMENT! 

2) Okay so this one involves your individual craziness.  Hey,  I don’t know about you’ll. But I consider myself crazy. And I love it. Everyone is crazy in their own amazing , unique wayyyyy!  I want to see that! I want to see your brains work. If you think you are crazy too, look at the picture below and tell me what it looks like to you. Don’t sit and worry…there isn’t any one answer to it. The crazier you get, The closer you are! Don’t let me tell down! Let’s hear itt! 

Soooo, what do you think it is? COMMENTT !  

So, if you like this and want to see more of this , please let me know!! 

I look forward to hearing from you ! !! 


My Second Blog 

Guys!Guys! Guys!!! Guyssss! 

Are you’ll having a good day? I hope you are. Okay I do not know if you all know that I have a second blog. I have kept that one exclusively for a story I’m trying to tell.It is one which is very close to my heart. And as it is just taking interesting turns I thought I would let you’ll know. 

It is very important to me. So it would be a great honour if you would read it. I’m giving the link to that blog here. 

My blog:

Please do give it a try. I would really appreciate it. Thank you for the support. 
And if you do read it. Let me know.

#TeamDragon or #TeamUnicorn 


​Most of the time, it feels like everything is upto your throat. 

Like, your loneliness is an living organism, ready to jump out.
At least you have a companion now.

Why are you lonely?
Who made you this way?

You stood up for your kin.
You stood up for your kind.

They left you, there, standing alone.

Are you tired of standing?
Do you want to sit down maybe.

How can you sit? 

Who will stand up for your kin?
Who will stand up for your kind?

You gave them all you had.
You gave them all they have.

Giving is in our hands,
Getting, not in our destiny.

You smile, you laugh.
You try so damn hard.

The world is not an easy place.                 For souls like you, I really fret.

For, you stand up for your kin.
And you stand up for your kind.

Why, oh then, 

Do they leave you behind?  

– The One In Pain.

( P.S- Hey guys..I’m not really much of a poet…this is more like a string of feelings. But let’s call it my attempt at poetry. Them poets, my apologies. Thank you for reading.)