Please Read

Hello guys. I know I’ve been asking you people to like and go through a lot of what I am doing. But the thing is I want to share everything happening with my life and I’m trying to let go of all my fear of rejection  and go out there. And I’ve been working on this story and thus idea for quite a while. And I’m finally going to start uploading it.

I have started a story on Wattpad. It is a Young Adult book based in India. It is called The Sim-ilar Archives Of The Double Ganger.  It is about two doppelgangers who run into each other in the mall. And from that time onwards their lives change considerably.

I have a lot of plans for it. And I cannot do it without your support. I won’t be able to write an entire book without anybody to read it.

Thank you so much for this. Please spread it around as much as you can. Please get anybody and everybody who might be interested to read it.

Thank You! Have a great day/night


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