The Typist

Readers Of The Free World.

I come to you with an offer.

A service.

My gift to mankind.

More often than you would like to admit, you feel like you are sitting amidst a word vacuum. And in times like this all you want is for someone to pull the vacuum machine off the plug and reinvigorate your brain. So here I am, with my crazy skills to pull out those words from every crevice in your brain.

The ” Products” I offer.

1) Researchinator ( Thank You, Doofenshmirtz)

How tiring is it to go on your computer and go through Infinity( also referred to as Google at times) to pick out the perfect piece of information you need. Especially since you have so many interesting memes to tag people in. So sit back in your chair and leave the boring research up to me. And I promise, I will not let you down, homie.

In Depth Research- 4 Days- 500 Rupees- 7.75 Dollars

Brief- I Day- 5 Pages- 3 Dollars

Express Treatment- 1/2 Day- 6 Dollars

2) The Brain Wave

Having a bit of a creative slump? Want to come up with a mind blowing idea or a crazy one liner? Guess who has your back? The self proclaimed “Queen Of The Quirky” is in town. Let me relieve you of your slump. Any sort of consultation or idea generating that you want. I’m here.

1 Dollar a month- 5 Brain Waves

3) The Customizer

Are you looking at your laptop wondering how to string together a perfect invitation for your dog’s 21st ( in dog years) birthday party? Or are you wondering how to write yourself a perfect description  for your YouTube vlog? Well approach me and we’ll look into it. Almost anything you can ever think of, I’ll try to help you. And I’ll make sure I do my very best.

1 Dollar for ever 1000 words

So what are you waiting for? I know you’re interested. I know you want some of this crazy Typist magix.  So comment down here or email me on my address- ( don’t laugh, it is a 4th Grade Disaster.)



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