Why I’ve been gone

Heyy Guys! It’s been so long since I posted. I know I know I’m sorry. But I have a valid reason. And in a few minutes you will have like 7 new blog posts of mine to read. Okay so while I was gone a lot of things happened. For one, my phone got stole. I know. Tragic. I lost all hope in everything for a while. But recently I have connected my laptop to all my sites and here comes the part where I tell you why I have been busy. I have been writing. Haahaa I’m giving an excuse for not writing by saying that I was writing. But jokes apart, I have taken up a content writing internship with a travel company and guys, its been good! Have been writing a lot of interesting stuff and to those of you’ll interested in my writing ( all 2 of you) please do give my work a read. Your opinions on my work mean a lot to me and I would love to know what you feel about it.
The link: https://www.vacasovoyages.com/blog
To Indians – Please go there and register. It would mean a lot to me and the company. It is a startup created by a few students. It is a travel based company and honestly you would be stunned at the quality of their site. It is reliable and I have personally experiences their trips. It may not be too popular at the moment, but honestly I see it becoming really big.
To everyone outside India- India is a diverse country with almost as much culture as many people. But you already know that. Go to this site and through my work, you will see the insiders view of the company. This site will give you the most unusual packages and the most unique of all experiences in India. I guarantee you this as I have reviewed and recommended this to all my family members as well. Do not worry or hesitate about it’s quality. We will not let you down.

So I would invite you all to please do me a big favor and please visit the site. It would be a big honor if you did. This is the first productive thing I have ever done. And I would love for you to see it!
Thank You! Have a great day!

The link: https://www.vacasovoyages.com/blog


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