All The Bright Places

“The world breakers everyone, and afterward,many are strong at the broken places”~Ernest Hemingway 
Soo if you’ve liked Playlist for the Dead, this is like upgrading the pain. Like it hurts. So,so much. Like really. Hurt. Like trying not be clichéd here but it’s like Jennifer Niven  put a smoldering hot rod into my heart and just like pulled it out. Writers must have a drawer full of dehydrated hearts. Okay that’s just gruesome.

Okay so the book. It’s the story of a girl who learns to live from a boy who wants to die. It is one of the most brilliant representations of a depressed , suicidal mind. The two characters Violet and Finch, meet in the most unlikely fashion. While trying to jump off a ledge in their school. They both save each other. First literally and then metaphorically. As the book moves along, you put your hopes in the two characters. Despite being known as the “freak” Finch is a capturing character and personally I was mesmerised in only a few pages. 

The book is no sunshine and ponies. And I’m sorry if that disappoints you. But it is as real as a book can be. And their pain is as real as it can be. You see the characters grow close. You grow close to them as well. And just when you expect it the least, everything shatters. 

I won’t tell you anymore. If you like to get your heart broken into millions of tiny pieces ( I know I do) give it a try! 

Rating: It is My Favourite Book Of The Month. So I guess that says it all. 
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13 thoughts on “All The Bright Places

  1. Okay this got me a bit freaked!
    Just finished reading this book, and planned giving my first ever review on my blog just because…this book.

    Your review was interesting. Intriguing. No spoilers. They are definitely going to be present in mine.

    The book deserved the favourite book of the month for sure though.

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  2. The Wanderlust✨ says:

    This is the first ever book that made me cry and it has been my favourite since a year now! Makes you feel life every time you read it. Gives the same emotions time and time again.

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