Playlist For The Dead

This beautifully heartbreaking book was written by Michelle Falkoff. 
Okay so here’s what you need to keep beside you while reading this book : A box of tissues. 

Pretty mainstream really, you gotta do this for almost all the books I’m gonna review. Tissue companies and book publishers should do a deal or something. Great business. 

So here’s a brief of this book.

Sam goes to his best friend(Hayden’s) house to apologise for the last night. What he finds instead is his best friend. Dead. And a playlist. Throughout the course of the book you ( along with Sam) figure out what caused Hayden to kill himself. There’s a point in the book…where I was kind of scared ( come on I was reading it at 3 am) 

But basically Sam and Hayden are the kind of guys who don’t have too many friends. They have each other. There will also be a point in the book ( that’s if you think anything like me) when you feel feel really really sad for Sam. Coz eventually he’s the one still here, you know. And it must have been incredibly sad for Hayden. But, grief is for the living.

Also I shouldn’t tell you this but, Damn in Astrid! We all trusted you! #shebrokehisheart#thenshebrokeours

If you wanna know what that means…Go check it outtt! ! 

Rating: Would totally stay up till 3 am reading it. 


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