As she sat there in the deafening silence of the dark, she knew it was there . It was all still there and the darkness? It shone on all of what she was hiding. That’s what it does I guess . Darkness. We try so hard to confuse our mind into believing it is okay. We are okay. But then it is dark. And all the other distracting lights are off and this is all we have left. Loneliness. Grief. Sorrow. Whatever it is that plagues even the happiest of us. She tried so hard,  oh so hard to just stay away from this darkness. To always have something small or petty to worry about or obsess about so this wouldn’t get to her. It worked brilliantly too. She fooled everybody,  even herself for a while. But soon she ran out of things to obsess over and all she had left, was her and the cold, blinding darkness which by some irony made it easier for her to see. She would have given anything for a kind word or a small but sure hand of support. But now that she was finally in this darkness she saw it. She had been hiding from it for so long that she didn’t realize that the darkness? That was exactly what she needed. That loneliness in her heart? That was her failing to understand that she had everything she needed. She had herself and that was all that mattered.  So instead of treating that darkness as a shroud, she wore it, like a cape. She emerged out of the hurdles she had crafted for herself. She emerged alone,  but content.

25 thoughts on “Darkness

  1. ANM7 says:

    Well, you have done a great service here in writing this work. All who are ready will profit from it. Intelligent and logical to have contrasted dark with light thus phasing them both out as in a positive cancelling out a negative. And then from one consumed by it, inspired into negativity, to come out instead now like a Super Hero with the new power of Knowledge of the Darkness. Wearing it as a cape. Transformed. This is so much in tune with the stuff I write about. Not intending to steal any thunder here. Just attempting to show the common grown. I hope this comment has complimented your awesome work.

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