Most of our life is a series of images. They pass by us like towns on the highway. But sometimes a moment stuns us as it happens. And we know that this instant is more than just a fleeting image.-One tree hill

Hey I’m Avantika Kulkarni, just an ordinary person, living an ordinary life. But it’s these ordinary lives and ordinary moments that make our life extraordinary. Our lives are made of millions of moments. Each moment as overwhelming as the next. And these moments make up a story. Every individual has their own story.However boring they may feel their lives are,every single organism to take birth in this world has some significance. And so many of our stories collide and intersect with others.We have an impact in every life surrounding us.However small that impact may be. Not all of these moments are happy,satisfying ones. A few are meant to bring us down. A few are meant to bring a smile on our face, years later. But one thing is definite, that every single momeblog3nt of our life is life changing. Everything we hear, see or say adds up to our story. So I wonder how many lives we change, and how many lives change us? It is like a picture taken in a public place, which includes people who were not intended to be in it,but are in it nevertheless.That just means that every person who enters and exits our life is there for some definite reason. It makes me happy to think that all the suffMomentsering we go through when something goes wrong in our life has some significance except for to make our lives miserable. It somehow makes the suffering a lot more bearable, knowing that something good might come of. All the times we fall,and rise up again teach us to keep going on,and that hope is all we have in this world. Every moment gives us the courage to wake up the next day and continue however tough it  may be. And what else could one ask for?

P.S-Hey I’m new to please bear with it..Thanks 😀


16 thoughts on “Moments

  1. Avantik..tik tik tik 😀😀 aaaa 😉😉 Okay, I admit it isn’t that long. I do Like your name along with others starting with ‘A’ too. I have an Ananya…an Ana too somewhere..n now Avantika. Waiting for an Anastasia now 😉😉 Have a wonderful journey here on WP

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  2. Oh so true.. yes after many years, I can look back and know that those moments of deep suffering have definitely been for a reason and the lessons learned as a result truly enhanced my life today.. Good luck with your blogging journey – enjoy and have fun x

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